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notice: this page is complete satire, in case you're stupid. the bad spelling and constant shameless plugs and shit oops i mean stuff ((my mom doesnt like when i say sh*t) is satire

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Care for your very own Ondo Mino! Battle against your very own Ondo Mino! Cook your very own Ondo Mino!

SimOndoMino is a game by a small game developer that was really successful at first, but became hard on its luck and was forced to sell itself and much attribution to a very large corporation. Soon enough, this studio even lost its own independent website. After that, its founder, the genius that allowed them to create such works and garner such success and acclaim, left. Sorry, game developer, but your time has passed. It was good while it lasted.

Gerioirl, ah 7!

A One really very good bad educational boring video game chore teaching forcing girls female babies and plus boys male babies how the way to of say spitting names short words of related to numbers digits to toward each every nearby other person!

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